Method of changing image
Please throw away by using the counter used now to change the counter (When a certain period passes, it is deleted automatically) or use the following change method.

<A href="" target="_blank"><img src="http://********/counter2.cgi?QT=0=5" width=60 height=17 alt="TADA-Counter" border="0" ></A>
For instance, because it is an opportunity, I will explain the location where the color is changed though it only has to change only by two places when you want to assume that tag was acquired, and to change to other images like the above-mentioned.
(******** The part might change. )

1、It writes in red.”QT
It is a registration password that comes out at the stage where the code is made. The registration password is used at the registration deletion, the registration content alteration, and the counter value correction. By the way, when the counter image is changed, it doesn't relate.

2、It writes in blue. ”0
It is a counter image number.(Refer to here.)。The image can be changed by changing this part.

3、It writes in green.”5
It is a number of digits. Even 1-9 digit is effective.

4、It writes in brown.”width=60
The width of the counter image is shown. For instance, it becomes 60px by 12×5 if it makes it to five digits by using the image of width 12px. The numeral 60 is a meaning of 60px. Please change this part when you change the image.(Refer to here.

When changing to the same size image, the 2nd and the 4th will change unexpectedly whenever bringing it together.