This site is an offer site of the free access counter that works by CGI.

There is no advertisement!
There is no advertisement in TADA-Counter. By the way, the knowledge of CGI is unnecessary in the installation of the counter.
Registration is unnecessary.
The registration of a name and so on individual information on the mail address is unnecessary. A favorite image is chosen, tag that comes is put on your site, and it completes it!
The image can change.
The image is easily revokable. only change the size on the image number and length and sideThe of course current count is succeeded as it is.
Simple counter!
Very very simple counter counted whenever page is displayed.
It is free. Money doesn't hang at all.
100 kinds
It is possible to choose from among 100 kinds of gif images. Moreover, the number of digits can be chosen and an initial value can be set.

The counter code is made here.
The method of changing the image is described.
Sample image list and each image size.
The promise is read. I hope use from it.
"Link" and links & Contact