Rule and exemption matters
  • The deletion of the link tag is always a prohibition because it is offering it free of charge. When use that removes the link tag comes to light, use might be stopped.

  • It is not possible to use it on the site that offends public order and morals in contradiction to the law. The site with the pornography site and the age limitation cannot be used.

  • Service might be ended without a previous notice. Please acknowledge it.

  • The site that becomes a disadvantage for this site and the site slandered might prohibit using.

  • It becomes the object of the deletion when there is no access or nor use for 30days.

  • It cannot assume all the responsibilities about the trouble and the trouble that occurs by any chance though the access counter can be used free of charge.
  • About maintenance
    There is a possibility that correspondence slows in CGI file of one when it reaches a constant number of use. I will replace CGI file before it becomes it so because saying that correspondence will slow means the response of the counter falls.
    (It is possible to use it continuing as it is for the person who uses it up to now. )

    It becomes impossible to do "Registration deletion", "Registration content alteration", and "Counter value correction", etc. where the code is made before as a result.

    It leaves as it is for "Registration deletion" and it doesn't care. A certain period is deleted .

    It becomes insignificant if CGI file is replaced for "Registration content alteration", and let me make a new counter I am sorry, please.

    Please input it for "Counter value correction" when you make holding and a new counter that remembers the current counter numerical value.